Nola Events & Promotions’ Team: The Essence of Success

Our Nola Events & Promotions professionals have fresh ideas and diverse perspectives.

With their insights, we always generate unique solutions that meet specific business needs. Our newest hires are given the freedom to develop in a hands-on setting, and our leaders guide their efforts. Coming together in a collaborative atmosphere, every team member’s input is valued and funneled into campaigns that
yield big outcomes.

Cassidy Asebroek


Emily Mitchell

Lead Account Manager

Talent That Makes Waves from Nola Events & Promotions

We’re honored to have a team of dynamic marketing and consulting talent. At Nola Events & Promotions, we have a progressive business model. With every problem we solve, we offer greater value and ensure success for the brands we serve, our firm, and our people.

For our people, there’s no end to the possibilities. Check out all we offer.