Find Professional Success at Nola Events & Promotions

Nola Events & Promotions is regarded throughout our community and our industry as a great place to work. We’re growing at a fast rate, so we’ve got several career opportunities available. Individuals who crave challenge and innovation find everything they’re looking for at our firm.

We care about our people, and offer them what they need to achieve their goals. We also reward their hard work with an array of perks.

Learning and Growth at Nola Events & Promotions

The Nola Events & Promotions approach to learning allows new team members to acquire the core business skills needed to manage a company. Our entrepreneur training program connects associates with coaches who provide instruction on team and resource management. We also offer a franchise model that acts as a launching point for ambitious individuals to open new offices in lucrative markets.

As these individuals learn, they are guided by experienced managers who know what it takes to build a career in the sales and marketing field. With one-to-one coaching, brand ambassadors receive all the knowledge and tools they need to advance.

Here are a few more features of our development program:

  • Personalized feedback
  • Advancement based on merit
  • Freedom to establish a self-directed entrepreneur path

Relationship-Building and Support

Our one-to-one coaching program pairs our people with seasoned pros. These experienced colleagues support team members as they acquire the skills to excel. We collaborate to ensure that all our associates master the basics of sales. They also learn about buyer profiles and processes, navigating objections, building confidence, public speaking, and coaching.

Philanthropy, Travel, and Networking

As Nola Events & Promotions team members build their professional acumen, their progress is bolstered by a variety of other opportunities.

  • Community Giving
    Philanthropy is one of our guiding principles, and we honor it through hands-on volunteer work and fundraising for nonprofits.
  • Industry Events
    These include cross-trainings in different regions, national leadership conferences, rest and relaxation retreats, and more.
  • Travel
    This is one of the most exciting benefits the Nola Events & Promotions team enjoys. They get to see the world and bond with one another along the way.
  • Networking
    The opportunities outlined here allow our people to build relationships with influential professionals and business leaders. With every new connection, their confidence grows and their objectives become more vivid.

Nola Events & Promotions’ Careers

Professional advancement and opportunity galore.

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