The Nola Events & Promotions Direct Marketing Philosophy

Nola Events & Promotions’ Mission of Business Success

It’s a good idea to have an active online marketing plan, but do you know what kind of results it yields?

Is it securing the measurable outcomes necessary for business growth?

At Nola Events & Promotions, we realize that digital advertising isn’t the end-all, be-all of sales and marketing. People are so overwhelmed by banner ads and pop-ups that they aren’t likely to even notice your message. That’s why we interact directly with consumers. We’ll get the word out fast.

How does Nola Events & Promotions make an impact? We use a direct approach, showcasing brands in-person so buyers are clear on their value. This focus on the human element ensures the highest brand impact with our customers and for our clients.

Let us give your brand fresh energy and zeal.

Nola Events & Promotions’ Core Principles

Team Cohesion

The Nola Events & Promotions brand ambassadors form a diverse group, with varying ideas and abilities that make for attention-grabbing campaigns. We ensure our team is filled with talented professionals from all walks of life. Our team has the ability to connect with any customer.


When we connect with consumers, we do so in-person. We’re trained to educate individuals about the benefits of your product. They’ll embrace your message and offer their loyalty in return.


We harness our peoples’ energy and determination to attain lasting success. No organization is so full of passion. Our brand ambassadors are empowered to unleash their potential with every campaign.


Nola Events & Promotions doesn’t get caught up in the usual ways of doing things. Instead, we embrace change and innovation. We devise fresh solutions by encouraging everyone to step out of their comfort zones.

We’re guided by research, personal interaction, and experience. Learn about our methods.